Helen Park

Helen Park, Harvesting future fossils, 2021

Resin, found objects

Harvesting future fossils

Future fossils; human-made fossils for the future, preserving the present. Traces and proof that these found objects existed at some point in time. The packaging containers in which my objects now inhabit is also a trace of another object that once existed, and served another purpose. The flimsy plastic container made for a single purpose and one time use, now imprints its life into a hard fossilized object.

I am interested in the relationship between the shapes and textures of nature, and that of human creations trying to replicate nature. Fossils can take thousands of years to solidify, creating an uneven flesh of earth around the artefact. Human made fossils, meant to preserve historical or modern artefacts could be akin to polished museum glass boxes, cabinet of curiosities, or let’s say, ten pounds of resin. I am very interested in the ways people and nature aim to preserve the past and the present, for the future. I was inspired to create my own art-cheological objects.

I want to create fossils for future humans and non-humans. Not necessarily just to show mundane traces of humanity or nature, but what I, the artist, thought stood out from the mundane. I am an artist and curator of future fossils of the present. Through my found object practice, I am creating a body of work between thing, me, and art. I manipulate, recreate, return nature.


I am interested in the juxtaposition between objects. Alienating objects and pictures from their original place and giving them new context. I love the natural transformation and disintegration of objects when found in their unnatural habitats. The journey of the object written through its wear and tear. These are the things I am interested in when approaching my work. Bringing the artificial to the natural, making the natural, artificial. Two opposites coming together, but have one in common; their shape or color. I see myself as a collage artist, dabbling in many, master of none. In my sculptures, all my different practices come together into a collage of different mediums.