Félix Beaudry

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Félix Beaudry, Syntouille 2.0, 2021

Electronics, plastic

Syntouille 2.0

Syntouille 2.0 is an electronic instrument that is based on the musical spoon, a popular percussive instrument in traditional music. The concept was to create a neo-traditional object that can be used to perform live beats in diverse musical settings. It allows the player to incorporate the movements and the rhythms of traditional music performances into the context of popular or experimental electronic music. This project is also a reflection on what kind of objects of our traditional cultures gets to be updated or modernized and which ones are left behind. 


Félix Beaudry is a Montreal-based artist and designer. Formally trained in industrial design, and ceramics, his artistic practice is focused on the materiality of traditional culture. He investigates the link between the design of traditional objects and the society that produces it. More specifically, he creates future forms for the objects that are not being addressed by the global systems of production. Félix is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Design and Computation Arts and is also the current Coordinator of Designs for Concordia’s Precious Plastic Project (CP3). He created Trad & Design in 2020 to bring his creations and Ideas to the public.