Emiliano Moreno Quesada

Emiliano Moreno Quesada, B3, 2021

Leather, metal rods, 40 x 28 x 32 inches (101.5 x 71 x 81.5 cm)


B3 is a sculptural exercise centered around the Wassily chair’s evolution as a symbol through time. Designed in 1925 by Hungarian designer Marcel Breuer it is considered as a revolutionary piece of furniture for its use of seamless tubular steel. When creating the chair Breuer focused on reducing the object to its pure essence: planes and lines with an emphasis on functionality. B3 continues this dissecting exercise by focusing on the formal properties of the materials used: chromed steel and leather. Where the formal qualities and history of the chair are less important than its aesthetic capital and status as a desired design object. Also focusing on the capitalization of iconic symbols and how they are appropriated in a contemporary space. Ultimately, this work aims to create a dialogue surrounding modernism’s impact on current popular aesthetics, also questioning why certain designs become iconic and valuable.


Emiliano Moreno Quesada is an artist working with installation, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

Born in Mexico City and raised in Canada, he is based in Thiotià:ke (Montreal) where he is completing his BFA in Studio Arts at Concordia University.

His work is a constant dialogue between sculpture and photography, and he is interested in working with the dualities of design and art. Often Emiliano uses found and industrial objects such as concrete, steel and bricks in order to create a recognizable vocabulary of material that is both banal and modern.