Clara Micheau

Clara Micheau, Vestiges du son de la pluie, 2019

Ceramics and sand, 33 x 50 x 25 inches (84 x 127 x 63.5 cm)

Vestiges du son de la pluie

What remain after an event? How do you address something when the sense has been lost and only the consequences remains? The work to recover meaning might be incommensurable. The stories and memories exist, but they are sinking in the sand, void of feelings, far from context; only offering an eerie silence.

Vestiges du son de la pluie discusses the loss of memories and our relationship to the self and to the past. It is about the meaninglessness you feel in depression and the tentative to retrieve significance by looking in the remains. The installation presents a desert accumulated in a corner as if wind had pushed it away again and again. Sinking in the sand are the ceramic sculptures and their colors have washed away with time. The house is on the verge of tumbling below while a fish is a whale and a whale is a fish. Presented to us is a vestige, but a vestige that offers no beginning or end. Where does it all start? Should we discover it; is it important to know?


Clara Micheau is a sculptor fascinated by surreal tales and the visual language humans share. She works with ceramics, technology, and textiles to create installations and sculptures. In her work, she explores habitats, narration and the self as well as discusses political themes like ecologism, normativity and womanhood. These latter are supported by her activism experience with La planète s’invite à l’université as well as her 2 years long involvement with the Union of the Fine Arts Student Alliance. Winner of the Thomson Family Field School Award, she did a residency at the Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center in Danemark where she expanded her knowledge in ceramics. She was also the recipient of an Honorable Mention from the Cegep de Saint-Laurent for graduating top of the visual arts program. Her work has been showed in several spaces, including the curated exhibition Conservation (2020) at Gham & Dafe in Montréal and by invitation at the PROOF Studio Gallery in Toronto for Terra Nova (2019). Currently completing her BFA in Studio Arts at Concordia University, Micheau has been dedicating her energy and resources towards her artistic community and a newly acquired studio.