Jury Callout

Curators are great, but they’re inherently biased. Curators are always making an editorial decision. Those biases have really big implications.​

Ethan Zuckerman


When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline is Monday March 28, 2022 9:00PM.

Who can apply?

All undergraduate Fine Arts students currently enrolled at Concordia may apply to be part of the jury. Please note that jury will be chosen at random.

What is the composition of the curating team?

The curating team is composed of  1 A.U.S. coordinator(s) and 1-6 member(s) of the undergraduate student body. 

What are the responsibilities of the curating team?

  • Understand and support A.U.S.’ mission and priorities
  • Conduct academic and interdisciplinary research to support curatorial content
  • Write supporting text material for the physical exhibition and its digital counterpart
  • Select works of art, or art projects, grouped around the theme: Sustainability
  • Stand by the artists, the artworks selected as well as the conceptual ideas that underscore the exhibition  

How are the curators selected?

Applicants will be selected by A.U.S.’ coordinators randomly with the help of a number generator.